Project Management (Production & Operation) at the international events/projects/convention.

We will propose a detailed management planning and operate in accordance with the contents and the size of your projects/events.

  • Invitatory works at the pre-production
  • To correspond the invited organizations /federations /companies etc.
    • To communicate with every government offices concerned.
    • To apply visas
  • Making the protocol plan
  • Tour management
  • Casting the bilingual, event and operational staff
Event Production & Operation

To assign the proper staff who can be a bridge between you and us and organize the actual events.

  • Draw up the practical management & operation plan
  • Make the operation manual
  • Make a direction plan
  • Write a script (English, Japanese)
  • Cast the bilingual staff at the venue
Temporary staff for the international correspondences.

As you will bring in or out events into or from Japan, we will dispatch temporary staff who has international and Japanese common senses.

  • The staff related to the event, convention, party etc.
    • Producers
    • Directors
    • Assistant directors
    • Coordinators
  • The staff for the international affairs of the headquarter
  • Attend & interpreting staff
  • Location hunting and report works
    • The preparation for the location hunting (research, arrangement etc.)
    • Accompany and interpreting while location hunting
    • Report it after coming back

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